Stainless Steel Flatware

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Manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of stainless steel flatware, kitchen flatware. HI-TECH Engineering reflects the exotic brilliance of rich tradition and art. Committed to complete customer satisfaction, the organisation has made a distinct position for itself

Stainless Steel Oval Tray Stainless Steel India King Stainless Steel Mess Tray
Stainless Steel Oval Tray
Item Code: HTE-FW-149
Stainless Steel India King
Item Code: HTE-FW-150
Stainless Steel Mess Tray
Item Code: HTE-FW-151

flatware sets wholesale the range includes
The astounding range of flatware we offer can really mesmerize you to the core of your heart.
Stainless Steel Bread Basket Stainless Steel Beer Tray Stainless Steel Round Tray
Stainless Steel Bread Basket
Item Code: HTE-FW-152
Stainless Steel Beer Tray
Item Code: HTE-FW-153
Stainless Steel Round Tray
Item Code: HTE-FW-154

frypans, colanders, lasagna pan, casserole the range includes
If you really want to please your guest, just try our serve trays, tongs and cuttleries. They can really transform your dishes into delicacies.
Stainless Steel Tongs Stainless Steel Sober Kitchen Tools Stainless Steel Cuttlery
Stainless Steel Tongs
Item Code: HTE-FW-155
Stainless Steel Sober Kitchen Tools
Item Code: HTE-FW-156
Stainless Steel Cutlery
Item Code: HTE-FW-157

oval casserole, measuring spons the range includes


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